Border Crisis: Cartels' Control and Humanitarian Imperatives

The State of the Southern Border: A Call for Action

In a recent report, Rep. Boomer Wright sheds light on the precarious state of the US/Mexico border, drawing attention to the alarming control exerted by cartels over border crossings. Reflecting on a visit just south of Yuma, Arizona, Wright describes an eye-opening tour alongside dedicated border patrol officers. He underscores their revelations that paint a grim picture: the cartels wield significant influence over who crosses the border, often subjecting migrants to extortionate fees, exploitation, and heinous abuses.

According to the patrol officers, the cartels dictate entry into the United States, determining who passes through based on their own exploitative terms. Migrants, desperate to reach safety or pursue better opportunities, find themselves at the mercy of these criminal organizations. Many are forced into indentured servitude to repay exorbitant debts incurred during their journey, while others, particularly vulnerable women and children, fall victim to physical and sexual violence before even reaching American soil.

Rep. Wright condemns this situation as fundamentally inhumane, emphasizing the urgent need for the United States to regain control over its border. The current state, where criminal entities dictate the flow of human lives, stands in stark contrast to principles of justice, safety, and human dignity. His call to action is clear: reclaiming sovereignty over the border is imperative not only for national security but also to uphold the values of compassion and respect for human rights.

In conclusion, Rep. Wright's firsthand account serves as a poignant reminder of the humanitarian crisis unfolding at the US/Mexico border. It underscores the necessity for robust policies and concerted efforts to combat the influence of cartels, protect vulnerable migrants, and restore integrity to border control. As debates continue on immigration reform and security measures, the plight of those caught in the grip of criminal exploitation demands immediate attention and decisive action.

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Rep. Boomer Wright reports on the state of the Southern border:

"Not long ago, I had the opportunity to visit our US/Mexico border just south of Yuma, Arizona. We had the pleasure of taking the tour with several of our amazing border patrol officers...

The three patrol officers told us that the cartels are in charge of the #border. They control who crosses or doesn’t, charging them thousands of dollars and some even end up as indentured servants. Many women and children are abused and even raped prior to crossing. We need to be in charge of the border, not the cartels. This is inhumane!"