Rishi Sunak Says Allegations Against Conservative MP of Serial Rapes Are "Very Serious"

The Prime Minister says that the Conservative Party has "robust independent complaint procedures" but urges anyone with evidence of criminal activity to inform the police.

Image for preview3:06 Play Video - Rape accuser should 'go to police' Sunak: Rape accuser should 'go to police' Why Sky News can be trusted Rishi Sunak has responded for the first time to allegations that a Conservative MP committed a series of rapes, stating that the accusations are "very serious."

The Prime Minister called on anyone with evidence of criminal activity to contact the police, as he was questioned about the allegations during a visit to Norfolk.

"These are very serious anonymous allegations," he said.

"They may hint at something that is already the subject of a current police investigation, so I hope you understand that it would be wrong for me to comment on this further from my end.

"In a broader sense, the Conservative Party has robust independent complaint procedures, but I would say that anyone with information or evidence of any criminal activity should certainly speak to the police; that is the right course of action."

Mr. Sunak's comments came after reports in The Mail On Sunday revealed that former Conservative Party chairman Sir Jake Berry had written to the police, informing them that a series of allegations against an MP had been brought to the party's attention, but no action had been taken.

Sir Jake only learned of these allegations when he discovered that the party had paid for the treatment of one of the alleged victims at a private hospital.

In his letter, co-authored with former party leader Wendy Morton, another MP, and a Downing Street official, it was also claimed that the inaction of other party members allowed the politician at the center of the allegations to continue committing offenses.

Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden told Sky News on Sunday that the party maintains a "zero-tolerance approach" to sexual misconduct.

Image for preview1:25 Play Video - 'Zero tolerance for sexual misconduct' 'Zero tolerance for sexual misconduct' Speaking on Sunday morning with Trevor Phillips, Mr. Dowden insisted that the overwhelming majority of people in Parliament were there to serve their constituents and the nation.

He also urged anyone accused of a crime to report it to the police immediately.

When asked if there was a wider issue in Westminster following a series of scandals, Mr. Dowden said, "No, I don't think there is anything wrong with our Parliament, and the overwhelming majority of people in Parliament are there to serve their constituents and the nation.

"Now, in relation to a very small number of cases, it is important to take robust action.

"And indeed, if there are allegations, I urge everyone to go to the police immediately, because criminal cases should be investigated."